Banquier CO

CBS for cooperatives and small financial institutions.

System Information

System Architecture

  • Central Database System based on Oracle RDBMS
  • Multitier Architecture
  • Web Based Application System

Application Security

  • Roles and Privileges based on Departmental Functions
  • Exposure to modules based on privilege only
  • Maintaining log of all activities
  • Audit trail of modified/deleted data
  • Auto log off of the unattended system

Password Security

  • Enforced Strong Password Combination
  • Strongly Encrypted Password
  • Periodic Password Change Rule
  • Initial change of password provided by admin

Ledgers Management

  • User definable Organizational Chart of Accounts
  • Centrally controlled Ledger Heads
  • User designable special vouchers in a voucher transaction
  • System automation for opening of transaction ledgers
  • Easily customizable entry for voucher transactions
  • Real time reflection of all transactions in the system

Account Management

  • Multiple financial accounts based on their maintenance and operation modes
  • Capable of designing wide varieties of banking accounts with scheduled collections (Recurring Deposit) and or disbursements or both.
  • Easy managablle Agency (Bank) Accounts, Placement, Lending, Borrowing, Receivables, Payables and other Office Accounts

Variable Products and Schemes

  • Multiple products can be opened under one account type according to the banking policy
  • Based on configuration of the account type, different schemes can be defined
  • Flexible schemes and any tailored scheme can be design for each product
  • Better monitoring and management of customer schemes due to flexible system nature
  • Flexible in switching between schemes or account types without closing any accounts

Varieties of Interest Modes

  • Interest on Daily Closing Principal
  • Interest on Daily Closing Principal Based on Principal Range
  • Interest on Daily Closing Principal Based on Principal Movement
  • Interest on Daily Closing Principal and Interest
  • Interest on Daily Closing Principal and Miscellaneous Balance
  • Interest on Daily Principal, Interest and Miscellaneous Balances
  • Interest based on minimum balance
  • Flexible on new interest schemes

Self managed customer accounts

  • Deposit Accounts
  • Loan Accounts
  • Inter Bank Accounts
  • Inter Branch Accounts

Additional Features

Access Control Mechanism

Authentiication Management

Presence of Activity Logs

Jobs Segregation

Roles and Priveleges Assignment

Real Time Data Processing

Dual Date System

Natural and friendly interface

Central Mapping of Posting Ledgers

Multi Currency Accounting

Financial Monitoring

Ad–hoc Forms, Queries and NRB Reports

Printer Controls

Structurable Periodic Function

Cheque Managemenr

Client Management

Easy Cash Management

Draft Management

Remittance Management

Pay Order Management

Guarantee Management